A Weekend with Under Armour November 3, 2015 04:00

By Megan Machen


What do you say when one of the most respected companies in the fitness world asks you to partner at an event? If you’re us, it’s a big fat ‘YES IN ALL CAPS.’


EvoFit was thrilled to be included in the VIP Under Armour Recovery Tent at the Baltimore Marathon this past week. And it turns out we weren’t the only ones who were pumped up. Participants loved ensō, calling it a “game changer".   We loved the chance to introduce athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the most innovative fitness tool on the market and show them how ensō can make a difference in their training and lives.


As a forerunner to the marathon, the good people at Under Armour used ensō at the Under Amour gym for their Wounded Warrior event on Friday. It was a thrill to be included and an honor to be employed in helping our warriors!



We are very grateful for the opportunity to not only introduce ensō to so many people, but also really make a difference in their recoveries. Because that’s what EvoFit is all about: better recovery for better performance. And there was no better place to demonstrate that than at the Baltimore Marathon with Under Armour.