Our Favorite Reviews & Testimonials March 6, 2014 18:21

We are thrilled to see some great reviews of our ensō roller this month! Here are 3 of our favorite mentions:  

#1: Runner's World Magazine lists the ensō roller in "The Best New Gear For Spring"


"EvoFit takes foam-rolling to another level. The Enso ($89) is on the pricey side, but its configuration is completely customizable to better target tight muscles. Simply slide the disks along the aluminum tube to get the right placement. For example, if you're rolling out your hip, you can leave a large gap in the middle so you're not (painfully!) rolling over the hip bone. We like the single-disk, handheld option for kneading out trouble spots."

All of the products listed ROCK and will help you to "Spring" back into fitness!

To read the full article, click here.

#2 Avid marathon runner and fitness blogger gives a great review in the "Trail Running Blog"

"The Enso Roller is truly the all-in-one roller that can alleviate aches and pains across your entire body, with its different sized rollers that can be adjusted depending on where you need the most attention. The enso roller is comprised a 13” aluminum tube and 8 discs, 4 are 5” diameter and 4 are 4.5” diameter. Depending on what muscles need attention, you can add/remove as many discs as needed. It’s really easy to adjust the discs too just, you’ll hear a click as the disc passes each groove. Stop at the desired location and if needed slide another disc onto the tube. Repeat these actions placing the discs in desired positions. And that’s it! Once you have the correct number of discs added and placed in the position that you’d like to put the most pressure on, you can go ahead and start rolling!"

Check out his full blog post here. 

#3: Unshod and Unashamed compares ensō to a standard foam roller and posts some awesome photos

"Enter the Ensō Muscle Roller by EvoFit.  The Ensō is a new take on the traditional foam roller, and it takes the already versatile accessory in an entirely new direction... several new directions, actually. The Ensō differs from the field of other options primarily in that it is both segmented into individual disks and that those disks are adjustable into a number of positions on an aluminum shaft. The disks are plastic at their center and encircled by a high-density foam outer "tire." Each disk mounts snugly onto the aluminum cylindrical tube and is held in place by a spring-loaded ball detent. For those with experience in the garage, think the same kind of mechanism that a ratchet uses to hold a socket. It is pretty ingenious in its design, and I have had no problems whatsoever with the disks moving around on the shaft. They are very secure. Configuring and using the roller is simple: just set the rollers up in the position you desire and go at it. It's incredibly intuitive, and it works."

See the full review here

Editor's note: Our take-away from these reviews? Throw out your old foam roller and get yourself an ensō