Find your Motivation and reach your biggest goals ~ by Sandra Laflamme March 20, 2014 18:18

Setting a big goal is an exciting journey but sometimes keeping up motivation can be difficult. As you get started on your road trip towards achieving your goal there can be challenges along the way. Don’t let those challenges become roadblocks. Let the challenges set before you become teachable moments, a chance to learn and a chance to find new inspiration and motivation along the way. When you reach your goal you will feel stronger and like a new you!

I am a runner. I am a Boston Marathon qualifier for the second year and energized to run the marathon again this year even though it will be an emotional journey. My road to Boston was not easy but I always kept my eyes on my goal of qualification even when that goal seemed to be out of reach. It took several tries to qualify for Boston but I never gave up. Not only have I become a stronger runner throughout my years training as an athlete but I have also learned some valuable lessons about how to stay motivated to reach your biggest goals.

Ten ways to stay motivated when reaching for your goal

1.     Choose a goal that you have been dreaming about and share your goal with the people in your life who support you.

2.     Create a deadline for yourself or choose a race and mark it on your calendar (I always do better when the “final exam” is!)

3.     Pick some mini-goals along the way so that you feel successful.  Celebrate those successes with your friends and family. Reward yourself by doing something that makes you happy.

4.     Choose a friend to accompany you on your goal-seeking journey.  Your friend will challenge you along the way, will celebrate your successes with you, and will help you to overcome difficulties along the way (We all have good days and bad days!)

5.     Injury can be a motivation killer so be sure to keep the necessary tools like the Enso Roller in your runners (fitness) toolkit to ward off injuries before they happen. 

6.     Pick a training plan that seems manageable with your schedule. You need to be realistic about how much time you have to work towards your goal so that you are not discouraged when time becomes a limiting factor. Being a mom with a busy schedule I know how hard it can be to juggle everything.

7.     Keep a training journal. Remind yourself that if you have a tough day of training that tomorrow is another day to try again.  Write about your challenge and use it as a lesson to be stronger physically and mentally the next day.

8.     Use a training log or app to keep track of your workouts to make yourself accountable. You will see progress as you put in the hard work with your training and this will inspire you to work even harder!

9.     Keep your training fun! If you feel like you are in a rut or need a break, mix it up and add in a different activity. Sometimes I take a break from running and hit the cross-country ski trails or the pool and then the next day I feel refreshed to run again.

10.  Have a blast and trust your training!

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” -Henry David Thoreau


Sandra Laflamme lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where she works and plays! She is the social media manager for her family business Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs. When she is not working Sandra trains for marathons, trail races, and team relay races. She is currently training for the Boston Marathon in April. She is also a busy mom of two energetic kids ages 5 and 2 who love playing in the beautiful New Hampshire outdoor playground. If you want to follow Sandra’s running adventures you can read more on her blog, Organic Runner Momwhere she also shares tips for motivation, recipes, training tips, gear reviews and more.