March Media Coverage Round-Up March 28, 2014 18:17

Spring has sprung, and the month of March is quickly coming to an end. Looking back, we are shocked and extremely grateful for the incredible amount of media coverage the ensō roller has been featured in. With over fourteen different mentions, Evofit seems to be truly stealing the spotlight. Here's a little recap of the coverage we've had this month:

The Everything Yoga Blog features the ensō roller in "On Self Care: Your Body" 

Diane writes, "I'm so impressed that using my enso Roller has become part of my daily routine. Sometimes I'll even use it twice per day -- once in the morning and again for a few minutes before bed. If you're plagued by muscle soreness/tightness, have chronic yoga injuries, and/or want to increase your performance, enhance recovery, or prevent injury, I highly recommend EvoFit's enso Roller."

See the full article here.

Fitness For the Rest of Us posts: Enso Muscle Roller: WAY Better Than a Foam Roller! Say Goodbye to Muscle Soreness!

Lindsey tells us, "I had a sore lower back, due to tight & sore leg muscles last night and my first 10k today. I spent a good 30 minutes with my Enso Muscle Roller and let me tell you my back felt completely anew!!! My back was at its best and my leg muscles were not tight and felt great."

Read the rest here

Pumps & Irons presents the ensō roller in their "Weekly Workout Challenge Giveaway"

Nicole says, "The Ensō is different from a standard foam roller in that it’s made up of several sliding disks on a central rod. You can rearrange the disks depending on the body part you want to roll out and the desired intensity. Using just a couple disks spaced wide apart, for example, is going to give you that hurts-so-good roll, while pushing a bunch of disks together into a solid cylinder is going to be gentler."

See the giveaway here

iRunnerBlog reviews the ensō roller in "Running Wild: The Hangover"

Amanda writes, "There are lots of options out there when it comes to foam rollers. I’d had a standard styrofoam tube style roller for years, but was recently asked to try the EvoFit Enso. Foam rollers increase circulation so the connective tissue and muscle are get more oxygen and water, helping to speed recovery and effectively limber up. The Enso is high end and offers dozens of options for customization."

See the full blog here

Thank you to everyone who featured the ensō roller on their blogs! We can't wait to see what next month has in store...