Media Coverage Round-Up June 5, 2014 16:35

Spring is whizzing by and sweet summertime will soon be open us. We are excited about what the last few weeks has brought in terms of media coverage and product reviews. As usual, we love giving a shout-out and sharing some of our favorite reviews. Here's a little recap of some recent coverage - enjoy!

SHAPE Magazine includes the ensō in the 8 Solutions for Your Worst Workout Woes:

"Best for: Personalized self-massage
A souped-up version of a typical foam roller, the ergonomic EvoFit Enso Roller ($89; has eight customizable discs that arrange to fit your body’s individual shape. Set them up to effectively pinpoint any area from your glutes to your IT bands to your smallest back muscles to release tightness, break up scar tissue, and improve circulation and flexibility before or after a workout. This massage technique, called self-myofascial massage, has been shown by several recent studies to decrease muscle recovery and improve chronic performance."

See the full article here

Outside Online lists the ensō in the Summer Buyer's Guide: The Best Gear of 2014! 

"If you like rolling out with a tennis ball or foam cylinder, you’ll love theEnso ($89). The adjustable foam-wrapped discs allowed us to achieve new levels of muscle release during a painful month of training."

See the full summer guide here

Lava Magazine hosts a video of the ensō roller and describes it's benefits for a triathlete:  

"My favorite part about the ensō is that you can also adjust the gaps between the discs if you have certain areas that are just too tender to really dig into. For me, it’s my left upper-IT band. By creating a gap in between two of the discs in the “hip-release” formation, I could first massage out the surrounding muscles without putting unnecessary pressure on a sensitive area. Often, after releasing the surrounding muscles, the most tender area relaxes. I was actually able to really get into my IT band with the Enso by simply rolling out the outer muscles first."

Click here to see the video. 

Thank you to everyone who featured the ensō roller on their websites, blogs, magazines, and more. We can't wait to see what's in store these next few weeks!