3 Ways Ensō is Better Than a Foam Roller February 17, 2014 22:11


One size does not fit all.


Just as every sport is unique, every athlete is unique with a wide spectrum of needs. The ensō roller is designed for versatility and can be customized to meet each individual’s unique needs - making it the perfect tool to incorporate into any daily fitness routine.  


One question we are often asked is how ensō is different from all the other foam rollers out there. Our answer: It's not just different; it's BETTER.


ensō is the fitness BFF you didn’t know you needed, until now.



3 Reasons the Ensō Outperforms a Foam Roller:  


1. Loosens lower back muscles -- Lower back pain is a common ailment in athletes of all sports. To help with alleviating lower back pain and loosening the muscles around the spine, the ensō muscle comes with adjustable discs that help you create a space, or “gap,” in the middle of the roller tube. We call this the spine channel. By customizing the ensō to your own physique, you can massage the muscles on either side of your spine more comfortable and effectively, versus rolling over, quite uncomfortably, your vertebrae like with a traditional foam roller. You want to massage your muscles, after all. Not the spine!


2. Targets your desired points with ease  -- With ensō, you can create high and low points simply by positioning the discs along the tube. This allows you to space the discs apart as you need, depending on if you’re targeting your IT band and calves, and the connective tissue that protect the knee, or massaging your hip flexors and glutes without rolling over your hipbones. You get deeper access to massage the areas of your body that need to be reached, without the discomfort of rolling onto joints.


3. Provides the most release in the most effective way -- Direct pressure is the only way to release trigger points. Hard-to-reach areas become never-reached areas, despite how much foam rolling you do. But ensō, you can customize the muscle roller so that you’re hitting those spots. And that’s the real benefit.


What makes the ensō muscle roller so unique and beneficial for every athlete is that it massages and releases your trigger points, elongates and strengthens your muscles, and the ensō muscle roller helps you develop more resilient muscles. So you can train more efficiently, more regularly, and more pain-free.