You're Foam Rolling Wrong March 14, 2016 11:30

By now we all know that a good recovery is just as important as the workout itself. When you work your muscles hard, it’s only fair to treat them to a little TLC post-workout. But while getting a massage every time your muscles need some attention would be amazing, for most of us it’s not really affordable or realistic.

Enter: self-myofascial release (SMFR), or massage on demand. SMFR most commonly involves using foam rollers to rub out knotted areas in the fascia, a tissue that surrounds all muscles. SMFR is both convenient and effective, but traditional products apply the same pressure regardless of the tissue type or body part, which can end up hurting your bones or tender areas.

That’s where the ensō roller comes in. It’s so different from other foam rollers that it almost can’t be classified as one. It has eight discs that you can adjust on demand to apply more pressure to deep muscle tissue while keeping pressure off of the places you don’t want it, like your spine, IT band and hip bone.



Let’s face it: lower back muscles are some of the toughest to roll out. PT’s and athletic trainers will tell you not to load your spine, but if you don’t, it’s impossible to really get into those muscles. That is, unless you use ensō and configure the discs to create a spine channel. This allows the spine to pass through the roller untouched and places the massage on the muscles.





In the past, rolling directly on the IT band to help alleviate pain was the suggested technique. However, current therapy practices suggest staying off the IT Band directly and instead targeting the surrounding muscles. Again, ensō is unique in providing a channel for the IT band to pass through while massaging the TFL and glute regions from the hip bone to just above the knee.



Rolling on your hip can be excruciating. Since our goal is to stay flexible, you need the hip flexors and surrounding muscles to be mobile. Rolling up on the hip will invariably cause you to react in pain and tense up — working against our goal. With ensō, you can apply variable forces to muscles and you can unload boney prominences. You can also increase pressure in hard-to-reach areas like the psoas, the piriformis and the TFL. So stop sacrificing your hip bone to get to your hip flexors!