Ensō Muscle Roller

Right Track to Muscle Recovery

The roller has been perfected. Performance and preparation have a partner— the ensō roller. A simple design that addresses complex ailments, the patent-pending ensō is the premier roller on the market and the only roller that is completely customizable.


Increase performance and enhance your recovery

The ensō roller increases your performance and enhances your recovery by incorporating multi-use functionality into its design. By doing away with uniform pressure, ensō roller provides you with both deep-tissue and low-impact massage in order to meet your fitness needs. Unlike any other product, with ensō you can configure the disc layout to attack trigger points, and to effectively engage in Self Myofacial Release (SMFR).

Versatile and customizable

ensō is designed for versatility. It is effective on broad areas like your back and is equally useful in massaging smaller isolated muscles with their own complex conditions.  With a quick and easy adjustment of the discs, ensō conforms to all body types and training and recovery needs.  In addition to the easy positioning of the discs, you can also push them together or individually remove them in order to utilize ensō as a hand-held massaging device.


Here's What Our Customers Have to Say

The next best thing to a professional massage

To be totally honest, I really love this product. It’s small enough to be portable and pack in luggage for travel, it’s customizable (you can move the discs around or remove them), it’s easy to use, and it’s effective. The enso roller is a lot more intense than a foam roller and feels like it gets deeper into the muscle.

Ashley Crossman, running and lifestyle coach

It's an invaluable tool to keep me on the trails.

As a long distance runner, I suffer from chronically tight lower back and leg muscles. It's a struggle to target the right groups of muscles with a foam roller or roller stick, but the ensō allows me to adjust and target almost any muscle group. It's an invaluable tool to keep me on the trails.

Wes Garrett, Cross-country runner

Revolutionize Your Workout With The Enso Roller

For a more aggressive massage, we used less discs. For a less intense massage, we used more discs. Simple right? The best gear often is.

Stephen Florentine

The ensō is one of the best mobility/muscle tools I have ever used.

It gives me the ability to dig deep with a single roller or mash a large area with several rollers.

Devin Howells, CrossFit Enthusiast

An exercise necessity

The ensō was an awesome tool to have when I was preparing for and recovering from my first half-marathon, and continues to be an exercise necessity me.

Erin Koerselman, Mom, Runner Exercise Enthusiast

I was actually able to really get into my IT band

My favorite part about the Enso is that you can also adjust the gaps between the discs if you have certain areas that are just too tender to really dig into. For me, it’s my left upper-IT band. By creating a gap in between two of the discs in the “hip-release” formation, I could first massage out the surrounding muscles without putting unnecessary pressure on a sensitive area.

Susan Legacki, Editor of LAVA Magazine

The Best Roller on the Market

Is the ensō Roller the best on the market right now? Absolutely. All my other foam rollers are collecting dust in the closet, even though a quicker way of rearranging the individual rollers would be nice. read full review

Jared Hargrave
from utahoutside.com

Better than the traditional roller

The design of the ensō roller is what sets it apart from traditional foam rollers...Using the roller before and after a couple runs last week resulted in less calf tightness and soreness.  The ensō roller was easy to configure and I really liked the effect it had on my problematic calves.  I also found it quite effective on my hamstrings – an area I struggle with on a traditional roller.

Barii, avid runner and triathlete

I would highly recommend the ensō to any runner or athlete!

I started using the ensō roller when I was training for a marathon this summer. I had IT band problems and my IT band would bother me during my long runs. I used the enso while stretching to help get a deep stretch and help work out the pain. The ensō got rid of all my IT problems as well as helped with soreness after my long runs.

Ashley Trainor, Marathon and cross-country runner

There's no Competition

Before I was introduced to the enso roller, my favorite roller was the Trigger Point foam roller. Now when I compare the enso roller to any other roller, there's no competition. What I like best about the enso roller is the ability to massage an entire area and/or pinpoint knots and dig in from there.

Jes, Crossfit Enthusiast